Women's 101

Meet the Creators

This website is made to empower women of all ages to stand for women's rights and fight for a respected position in society. Made by three young girls, Paulina Gonzalez, Giovanna Gonzalez, and Jennifer Toy, this project speaks out to prove that women can achieve great things.

A Little Info About Each of Us

Paulina Gonzalez Giovanna Gonzalez Jennifer Toy
I am a High School student. I like to read and code for fun/school. Women's 101 is important because it will help others understand that there is history adn reason for why women have been fed up with unequal pay and unequal profiling. I hate shopping and doing my nail. I dislike wearing mekaup adn you wont believe how many people think have told me to go shopping or don't believe me when I tell them I can code, prefer reading, and have better things to do than look for a boyfriend. I am a high school student in freshman year. I like to listen to music, creative writing,sports and coding. When I first started coding I was a bit freaking out and annoyed with all the error trials, and also seeing that my sister can do coding better made me nervous. Anyways, with coding in my life I have other ways to show my passions in music or in writing. If I choose a path with STEM I would see myself at the web designer world or even mess with earsketch once more. I am a High School sophomore and I am obcessed with robotics. I love anything that is related to STEM and something I love more than STEM itself is the women in it! Making this website was of great importance to me because it was a way for me to express my feelings and share my thoughts on the influence of women across all feilds.